On March 5th, Youth Venture hosted its annual Girls Beauty Day. This year marked the 6th year of this outreach and we had an incredible time! Our theme for the day was centered on Song of Solomon 4:7, which says “you are altogether beautiful, My darling. There is no blemish in you.” Our vision for Girls Beauty Day throughout the years has been to create an experience for the girls of East County that they would not normally get on their own; an experience that would make them feel not only pampered, but also loved and cherished by The Lord and His people. The girls learned that they have been created perfectly and beautifully in every way and there is no flaw or blemish in them. However, we have been given things such as makeup, and styling techniques to enhance the beauty and creativity that He has already put within us! What a good and loving God to gift us with such fun and enjoyable things such as these!


This year, Girls Beauty Day was hosted by Katie and Curtis Anderson at Salon Thrive in Santee. Seventeen girls made it to the event! Also, we had 4 licensed hair stylists, 3 professional makeup artists, and 3 manicurists come and volunteer their time to pamper the girls! Each girl was assigned their very own appointment to get their hair, makeup and nails done. In between each appointment, there was a Clothing Boutique filled with gently used clothes that the girls were able to shop at and try on clothes to take home. Once their appointments were done and they were finished shopping, each lady got a time slot with a professional photographer for a photoshoot. These girls had so much fun getting their pictures taken individually and together with their friends! It was such a delight to see the joy on their faces as they had so much fun together!


The outreach was a HUGE success this year. It has never run so smoothly, or been so enjoyed by all of the volunteers and students that attended! None of it could have been possible without the generous support of all of YOU. Your commitment to praying and giving has been the #1 instrument in keeping events like these running every year. So, THANK YOU! Also, we want to give an incredible thank you to all of the ladies that volunteered their time and helped make this event run so smoothly!

  • Katie & Curtis Anderson: (hosting the event) Salon Thrive
  • Katie Anderson: Hair Stylist
  • Karly Bruner: Hair Stylist
  • Molly Zastoupil: Hair Stylist
  • Tammy Cox: Hair Stylist
  • Angelina Kissel: Makeup Artist, Setup
  • Daniella Ibarra: Makeup Artist
  • Victoria Ibarra: Makeup Artist
  • Alana Santos: Manicurist
  • Angel Springsteed: Manicurist
  • Cassidy Helfers: Manicurist
  • Shianna Cook: Photographer
  • Sarah Mayne: Photographer
  • Rita Fulkerson: Clothing Boutique
  • Sparrow Daenitz: Goodie Bag donations, Clothing Boutique
  • Erika Stormoen: Clothing Boutique
  • Debbie Caudel: Driver, Floater
  • Jenn Koch: Driver, Floater
  • Shelby Knott: Driver, Floater
  • Shane Blafield: Tear-down & Clean-up-Marissa Miller, Stephanie Byrd, Caitlyn Rogers, Mandy Gonzalez, Connie Gonzalez, Katie Bailey, Juanita Quiroz, and Michelle Hoffman
  • Other Leaders involved in planning, setup, or interacting day-of: