Author: Megan Blafield

Beach Days

Every summer we take kids from the centers down to La Jolla Shores beach on five different Tuesdays for a day of surfing, boogie boarding, barbecuing, and much more. These trips are totally free for the kids and give us an opportunity to build relationships as we enjoy the beach and have a good time. Be praying for safety and that many kids would be able to...

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Girls Beauty Day

On March 5th, Youth Venture hosted its annual Girls Beauty Day. This year marked the 6th year of this outreach and we had an incredible time! Our theme for the day was centered on Song of Solomon 4:7, which says “you are altogether beautiful, My darling. There is no blemish in you.” Our vision for Girls Beauty Day throughout the years has been to create an experience for the girls of East County that they would not normally get on their own; an experience that would make them feel not only pampered, but also loved and cherished by The...

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Leadership Retreat

On May 12-14, we took over 60 kids from our four centers to Pine Valley Bible Camp for our annual Leadership Retreat. This retreat focuses on kids who are growing in their walk with God and showing leadership potential. At the retreat, they have a great time filled with fun activities and worship meetings with challenging messages to encourage them in their walk with God.   This year’s retreat was a great success. Mark opened the retreat by challenging the kids to trust the leaders and spiritual mothers and fathers God brings into their lives. The kids responded by approaching a...

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Kenya Trip

Over the last several years we have sent several groups to Kenya to further the ministry of Youth Venture there. In September 2015, my wife Marissa and I traveled to Kenya to train leaders how to run YV clubs in their cities. Then the following year, we sent a group of 12 college students from our Micah 6:8 discipleship group to put on youth conferences for the kids in the area where we run clubs. We had a wonderful time with our host, Larry Neese and were so blessed to see the amazing fruit that the leaders there are...

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Alex Espinoza

Alex is 16 years old and has been coming to Youth Venture for 5 years. He discovered Youth Venture in 7th grade when a friend from school invited him to go with him after school. He was a student at Lakeside Middle School and he and his friend had both been attending our Higher Ground club on campus. He was nervous to go to a new place, but when he walked in the doors of the center for the first time, he was blown away by how fun the center was. He saw the video games, the pool tables, and the...

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