Alex is 16 years old and has been coming to Youth Venture for 5 years. He discovered Youth Venture in 7th grade when a friend from school invited him to go with him after school. He was a student at Lakeside Middle School and he and his friend had both been attending our Higher Ground club on campus.

He was nervous to go to a new place, but when he walked in the doors of the center for the first time, he was blown away by how fun the center was. He saw the video games, the pool tables, and the snack bar and knew that this was a fun place to be. He began coming to YV almost everyday.

Slowly but surely he began to get involved in the activities of the center. He remembers doing a lesson for the first time with Eric Ware. He was unsure what it would be like, but enjoyed it as he sat down with Eric and learned about the love that God has for him. He began going to Junior High Group and at Summer Camp, God changed his life forever. A leader shared a word of knowledge with him that opened up a new understanding of who God is. He realized how much God loves him and that He has a good plan for his life. For the first time, he really understood that God was real and that God wanted him to be a part of His family. That experience ignited a love for God that began to change him.

From that point on, he began serving and growing in his walk with the Lord. He is now a High School small group leader, a helper in the Junior High Ministry, a leader in the Bus Ministry, and a Junior Staff at Lakeside YV. Even his mom has seen a great change in his life. Where at one point she was nervous about him going to YV, now she encourages him to go. She has seen a big transformation in his life.

This is just one story of the kids who we are reaching at Youth Venture through your support. Everything you do makes these centers a place where kids like Alex can find the Lord.